Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama Fans, take note. . .

Folks, I've had it.
I'm done with people telling me what kind of health care my family should have (we pay for part and my husband's company pays part and we are both very happy with this arrangement--who does Uncle Sam think he is, trying to mess that up?). I'm finished listening to Obamaniacs tell me that it would be good to let the guv'ment tell me how I should parent my wonderful children or spend my last days. I'm completely fed-up with liberals telling me which government "expert" I should listen to today. Is it the fresh-out-of-college "expert" telling me how to rear my children, or the wet-behind-the-ears "expert" telling my mom how to live out her last years? Unless I woke up this morning in North Korea, NO GOVERNMENT AGENT IS GOING TO TAKE AWAY MY LIBERTY. Has the President ever read our Constitution???
Keep watching this site for information telling the other side of the story, also known as "The Truth". Here are some sites to visit for more information on the proposed socialization of America -- or more to the point, how NOT to become the USSA: This is from, and both are great places to start. To see the complete proposed health care bill, visit There is also an analysis of the proposed bill on this site, as well as information regarding what the Prez really has in mind for us and -- most telling -- what citizens whose countries already use socialized health-care really think of it. On, there is a "page by page" list of "Reasons to hate Obama-care". Read the reasons, cross-read to the actual wording of the proposed bill on, and you'll get a better understanding of the entire mess. Have your Pepto Bismol ready, you might feel as nauseated as I do.
I'm off to look up more Town Hall meeting sites. Gotta make those representatives hear our voices while we still have time. Honestly, if one more liberal tells me I'm "misinformed" (which is the catch-phrase they ALL use), or that I'm racist or judgemental, I'll be sick. Physically ill. And if their health-care plan goes through, it'll be 6-8 months before I could get an appointment to see a doctor.