Monday, April 8, 2013

Pioneer Woman, I just wuv you

So, me and Ree. 
Pioneer Woman and Milpitas Mom.
Turns out we have a lot in common.
Well, a few things in common. We both like to eat. We both like to cook. We both like photography, although you'd never know it by the looks of this blog. BEGIN RABBIT TRAIL: This is not because I don't take an insane number of photographs. Because I do. It's because I've never learned (hangs head in shame) to get the photos from the camera into the computer. There. I said it. I rely on my former teenager to do that. Which brings me back to my original post idea. END RABBIT TRAIL. We both homeschool our kids, although she has been blessed with a bigger brood than I. We both like...well, you get the picture. We have stuffs in common, PW and I do.
Therefore, I shouldn't be surprised upon learning that she feels the same way about her kids growing up that I do, given that we're practically twins and all. In a nutshell, she's gonna miss them. Misses their babyhood already, in fact.
Ree, I feel your pain.
Why am I telling you this?
Because I got a little comment-spanking on my April 2nd entry. Just a little one, mind you, from friends I love dearly (Hi, KM! Hi, SN!). And it's my fault. I wrote an incomplete and slightly depressing entry about (picture my face melting a little here) My Baby Growing Up. And sort of ... left out all the good parts.

I intend to remedy that. But I have a few other things on my full plate that need attention first, so the editing will have to wait it's turn in line. The "good stuff" will be in another color, for your reading enjoyment ;) You are welcome, my friend. You are welcome.
And while you're waiting, please read how Ree--and about 5 billion other moms--feel when their babies gwow up a wittle:
"Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from Him." Psalm 127:5 (NLT)


Anonymous said...

It wasn't incomplete or depressing; it was totally relatable!

I do like the PW/Milpitas Mom connection though, lol! I remember Ree from WTM boards way back when she was starting to write a fun little thing called a blog. :D


Bethany said...

Hi Lisa! I hope you have been well. I wanted to let you know I have a new blog running again, and wanted to invite's
I miss hearing from you! :)