Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ode to an overdone Superfood

I know I'm supposed to eat more leafy green stuff. And I love vegetables, so you'd think this would be easy. 
But I have a problem with some of them. 
Like Kale. And Mustard Greens. And Chard. Oh, I have a serious problem with Chard. I'm firmly convinced these foods have been recently labeled as "Superfoods" by the Stringy, Tough, and Tasteless Leafy Green Vegetable Board, in order to get people to buy them.
But I made a mistake today that made the Kale I'm cooking so tasty, I just had to share it with you.

I burnt it.

Just a little. Not technically black or anything, just a little more "cooked" than the recipe on the Kale bag called for, which was, frankly, yucky.
I put in some oil, and some onions, and some water and set it on high-ish, like the recipe said. Now, granted, the onions were my idea. Because Kale in oil sounded inedible to me, even with "salt and pepper to taste" added. So, stuff is cooking, the Kale is getting all warm and hopefully yummy and oniony, and suddenly, just like that, it was burning. So I ran over and scraped the burnty, oniony stuff off the bottom of the pan and it is entirely delicious. A great improvement from the recipe, which warned me against having my Kale stick to the pan.

My Kale, My Way is how I'm rolling from now on.

I'm going to try scorching my Chard tomorrow and see how I like it Creole-Style. I'll get back to you if it's om-nom-nom. :)

"One person has faith that he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats vegetables only." Romans 14:2 (NASB) 
While this is never going to be my favorite Bible verse, I do believe they may have been talking about Kale here. With onions. ;)


Kristine said...

I am not a greens eater. I am not a healthy eater, and neither is my family.

Proof: The exchange I had last night with one of my socially-deprived children WHO DID NOT KNOW that oranges "came" cut up (separated) on the inside. "They really come cut up?" she asked. "Yes, GOD CUT THEM. See?" as I stuck the "cut up" orange under her nose.

Anyway. We actually like kale. It's so mild. I use it in green smoothies. Which actually taste good in the summer and make an easy breakfast, as long as I don't dump it in my lap while trying to drink and drive and the same time. We make it in 1-2 salads. We saute it. Most unbelievably, my husband and son will eat it.

The only one who won't eat it is that kid who's apparently never seen oranges before.

I like your "creole style" definition, ha!

Lisa said...

Kristine, you slay me.
And I need a recipe for kale in a smoothie, because honestly--I don't see this happening in my house ;)

EASE Birth Services said...

I had kale, onions, and kielbasa for lunch today... yes with oil... yes a little burnt-y, too, by mistake. It was my first time eating cooked kale... and the carmelizing of the onions and kielbasa (turkey kielbasa from TJ's): definitely worth another cook.

EASE Birth Services said...

I don't know why this has said that I'm EASE Birth Services instead of ASHLEY. But that happened.