Friday, February 6, 2009

Wintertime, and the living is easy. . . .

For some reason this winter, I've been pretty relaxed. I'm usually pretty high-strung and energetic, although I have my mellow side. But lately, the mellow side has sort of taken over. We normally take down the Christmas tree right after New Year's ("C'mon, it's time, Christmas is over!!!"). But this year, it stayed up until after my Birthday, which is the third week of January. The weird thing is, it didn't even bother me to have it up so long! We went on a snow-play trip on the 26th, and we had to take it down right before then, for obvious safety reasons. And because I'd be really embarrassed for the pet-sitter to see it :)

Have you been feeling mellow this winter season? Wanting to sit by a fire and bake cookies and just veg for much of the time? Let me know. I'd like to hear what good books you're reading, and how you spend your mellow-time.

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