Friday, June 3, 2011

Father's Day Idea

My online buddy Bethany posted this a while back and I loved it:

(Look for "100 Things Challenge" post)

You'll have fun searching around on her site, trust me. She's a fabulous lady. Now, I encourage you all to do the same--let's make it a fabulous gift for your husband (or father) for Father's Day! Can you think of 100 or even 50 positive things to write about your husband? Can you get your kids on board and have them write their own list? Imagine what a keepsake this would be for their dad, your husband. Check out this letter from another site:

(Look for "I am thankful" post)

Have fun with this and link your blog so we can see your lists! Check back soon and see mine ;)


Julie said...

Lis, her site isn't pulling up for me...can you see if the link is wrong?

Lisa said...
This works for me!