Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Purging -- HOT style

It's 100 degrees outside my house right now. I say outside not because we have air-conditioning; we don't. I say outside because inside, it's a nippy 89 degrees. Brrrrr! Although we don't have a/c, we do have weather predictions. So when I read that today was going to be miserable (according to me), I got up early to get some work done. I love getting up early. I really do. I set my alarm for 5:50 a.m. and boinged out of bed to finish the family room project. My daughters and I went through all the bagged clothing yesterday (we rested on Sunday, in accordance with the Sabbath), and I re-Space Sac'd everything up. Love those Space Sacs. This morning, I moved them all back into the under-the-stairs closet. Now you might be thinking, "Hey, that was supposed to be a hidey-hole for your 5-year old!", and yes, you'd be correct. And it will be. Someday. Not this week. Until the weather cools down to a temperature in which I can function, the closet is staying a closet. Since my little one is having a birthday this Saturday (and a birthday party), this will be put on the back burner until after that. It will not be forgotten, since I'm on a mission.
Today, though, I've set my standards fairly low. No school till the organization is complete. THAT is a good motivator, as I don't want to fall too far behind. My husband is very good at doing things in small chunks until complete. He would do a little bit of school, a little bit of decluttering. Not me. I really need to tackle a large project without stopping or it tends to just undo itself. So I'm very, very glad that the weather forecast for tomorrow is a good 15 degrees lower than today.
I'll try to post photos again when I get something interesting enough to photograph ;-)

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